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Ethics of Native Advertising – Running Effective Campaigns

Native Advertising: Ethics and Best Practices In our previous posts, we spoke about the definition of native advertising and the various forms it takes. In our final installment, we will explore the ethical issues surrounding native ads as well as

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Native Advertising – Know Your Ad Types

This post is Part Two in a series on native advertising by Mad Fish. This post will focus on the ads types that are most commonly referred to as “native advertising:” Sponsored Content/Promoted Listings, Advertorials, and Recommendation Widgets.

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What Is Native Advertising?

This post is Part One in a series on native advertising by Mad Fish. It covers some history of what we consider “native advertising,” and its definitions according to the IAB. Future posts in this blog series will highlight each

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PPC Tip – Are You Spending Too Much on Irrelevant Keywords?

Optimizing your search terms to capture as much exact match traffic as possible is one of the most important facets of running a successful AdWords campaign. Here’s a quick check to see how much you are spending on Exact, Phrase,

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website usability analysis

Could Your Company Benefit from a Website Usability Analysis?

The short answer to this question is yes.

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Nick Winkleblack Mad Fish

Introducing Nick Winkleblack, Mad Fish SEO’s Director of Business Development

Nick Winkleblack is already revolutionizing our PPC and Social Media strategies. As our new Director of Business Development, Nick has been busy learning and adapting his knowledge to help Mad Fish grow and meet increasing demand.

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Ali McLaughlin

Introducing Ali McLaughlin, Mad Fish SEO’s Director of Digital Strategies

Meet Ali McLaughlin, the newest addition to the Mad Fish team!

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10 Tips for Surviving the Google AdWords Certification Exams

If you are looking to become a certified Google Partner and AdWords certification looms in your future, you are no doubt wondering what you’ll be up against. As a recent “graduate” myself, I wanted to share some tips about how

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A Girl in Parts by Jasmine Paul

Happy Anniversary Jasmine!!

Jasmine Paul’s YA Novel, “A Girl, In Parts” This month is Client Manager Jasmine Paul’s 2 year anniversary with Mad Fish SEO. Jasmine specializes in working with our home building and construction clients due to years of experience working with
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4 Questions I Ask When Writing a Blog Post

Zillions of blogs – that’s what I feel the internet is cram-packed with.  There are so many wonderfully written blogs worth reading and following; I have blog-reader guilt weekly because I have no time to read them all.  But, there

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