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Feeling Antisocial About Social Media? You’re Not Alone.

You own a business, you’re an expert in your field and your clients and coworkers are telling you to leverage your brand on social media. Maybe you’re already using social media sporadically, but you have a tough time seeing the

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Move #7

Mad Fish Moves!

Our company has seen amazing growth over the past year and a half. New employees have joined our team that bring a unique set of skills and creative ideas. Along with our veteran online marketing team, they are shaping the

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Email Drip Campaign

Make Email Drip Campaigns Work For You

We’re back talking email drip campaigns. In our previous article, we went through and gave a basic overview of email drip campaigns- what they are and how to leverage best practices. This week we share more on establishing this marketing

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Email Drip Campaigns

Breaking Down Email Drip Campaigns

You’re looking for effective ways to nurture leads. More than that, you’re looking for innovative ways to optimize your marketing performance. You’ve tried all the ‘silver bullet’ tactics that are touted online and they’re delivering mediocre results at best.

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Fast Doesn't Matter But Slow Can Kill You

Demystifying Website Speed: Load Time Goals, CDN Usage and Other Questions

With all the factors involved in making a website successful as a marketing tool, I’ve been asked recently where page speed falls on the importance spectrum? Is it as big of an issue as it used to be? Can a

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Online Branding

What “The Voice” Can Teach You About Online Marketing

You’ve spent years building your brand. You’ve earned a small following of fans and your voice is stronger than ever. Now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and go before a live audience. This is the

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Bing Official Logo

How to Enable Auto UTM Tags in Bing Ad Center

Way back in June, Bing gave us an early Christmas present: the ability to auto tag URLs in Bing AdCenter. While this may seem like a long time coming, we here at Mad Fish definitely welcomed the productivity improvements that

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Increase in Keywords on the First Page Chart

Case Study: Usability Study & Audit Results In 30% Increase In Job Application Interest

Overview In August 2012, Mad Fish began consulting with a California-based private security firm. The company provides a wide variety of elite security services across the United States for high-end clients. It also has a large recruitment department continually seeking

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Organic Visitor Sessions Chart

Case Study: B2B Testing Facility Grows Leads by 223% with Mad Fish

Overview In October 2012, Mad Fish was approached by a nationally-focused product testing facility to evaluate their current position online and make recommendations for improving the value they were getting out of their web site presence, both organically and through

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Corporate Culture

Thinking Outside the Aquarium

At Mad Fish, we pride ourselves on forward-thinking relevant strategies. These strategies include words like social, organic, inbound, outbound, and paid. While we spend a significant amount of time staying up on the latest relevant strategies, it’s easy to forget
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